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Not that it's all been sunshine and daisies for Hamm in the intervening years — his longtime relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt was a casualty of the mass die-off of celeb romances in 2015, just a few months after Hamm announced that he'd entered rehab for alcohol addiction — but he's still as sought-after as ever. As of this writing, Hamm will be onscreen again soon in the hotly-anticipated heist flick Baby Driver . He also continues to be one of the handsomest men on the planet, if you were wondering.

We’ve actually only seen a brief snippet of gameplay as part of the Ghost of Tsushima reveal trailer. It was only fleeting, but there was a clear bit of cinematic action involving a bomb, a horse-mounted warrior and the protagonist cutting them down to size. That was then followed by a high-drop stealth kill with a katana to the spine. Needless to say, both kills looked bloody – but also amazing.

On February 14th, 2017, [4] interviewed Bag Raiders on the spread of the meme. The duo said they found the meme amusing, though are unsure what caused the sudden meme-spread of their song. They also described being “chuffed” that the meme exposed the song to so many people who would have otherwise never heard it. Some of the favorites they mentioned include a video that pairs the song with Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show .

And for the sake of clarity, Zack Snyder was even kind enough to throw this kid into the mix. He first appears during the wartime fantasy scenario, and then again getting on the bus. Sweet Pea takes note of him both times, for no other reason than to tell you that NONE OF THIS IS FUCKING REAL.

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Suckerpunch - Just Like AlwaysSuckerpunch - Just Like AlwaysSuckerpunch - Just Like AlwaysSuckerpunch - Just Like Always